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When it comes to zeroing in on your choice of knife, I’ve often found that the pivotal criterion that needs to be taken into consideration is the purpose which you’ll be putting your knife to use for, for there is no solitary knife which has been designed to ace all the multitudes of diverse chores. Every class of knife is deliberately designed differently from another because every different field of work demands its knife to feature its own distinguishing attribute for optimum efficiency. So while a serrated-edged multifunctional survival knife, like the ones in Bear Grylls’ line of knives, is an indispensable asset for a survivalist in the inimical wilderness, the same, if used as a chef’s knife in a kitchen, is as good as a square peg in a round hole. Hence, your purpose should drive your choice for the knife – nothing cuts it quite like a Bowie for a hunting trip, the Gurkha Kukri stands alone in the league of close-quarter combat knives and there is no substitute for the good old short and discreet pocket knife as your everyday carrying blade.

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