Schrade SCHF6 Fixed Serrated Survival Knife Review

In almost every army of the world, a bayonet serves as a sword-like blade, which might be attached to the muzzle of a rifle or for hand-to-hand fighting. This is because of the fact that they might look like conventional knives, a very few are actually designed to serve the purpose of a cutting tool. One of the standard examples of this is Schrade SCHF6 Serrated M-9 Bayonet Knife.

I felt the urge to look out for a bayonet and while looking for one in the $50 price range, I zeroed upon the aforementioned M-9 bayonet knife.

Schrade SCHF6 Extreme Survival Fixed 40% Serrated M-9 Bayonet Survival Knife

Multifunctional Bayonet

The bayonet can be well used as a multi-functional knife. It would come handy as a camping knife, used for minor cutting and chopping. As a knife, the blades are remarkably sharp and the handle is just appropriate. The bayonet comes with a blade length of 8″, overall length is 13″. It is seemingly a solid and well-built bayonet. The bayonet does not have too much weight. The blade is one of the sharpest factory edges to have ever come across.

Fits Well On Mid-length And Rifle Length AR Gas Systems

Schrade looks as if it has tried to come up with a knock-off of the current Marine Corps fighting knife. The blade can be attached to the mid-length and rifle length AR gas systems. After going through several reviews on Amazon, I inferred that the blade fits well on rifles like

Colt A2, Del-Ton 20 inch A2 and Mossberg 590; while it has some issues with Carbine length gas systems.

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  • Schrade SCHF6 Extreme Survival Fixed 40% Serrated M-9 Bayonet Survival Knife is fairly low on price
  • Steel blade has scalloped serrations
  • The bayonet is outfitted with a brown polymer scabbard for protection and safety.
  • Blade and handle material: SAE 1070 high carbon gray steel.
  • TPR handle
  • Handle length: 3.5″
  • End cap attached with 10-Pc. bits, an aluminum bit holder and a bar
  • Carry system: Nylon sheath.

BLADE MATERIAL: High Carbon Steel

BLADE LENGTH: 8 inches, fixed blade

WEIGHT: 14.4 ounces


Customer Reviews and Scores

The customer reviews on Amazon are largely positive, except for a few less-than-satisfactory points raised. Except for a few of them, nobody else experienced the same problem, so perhaps it was not as much of a widespread issue. Other reviews include, “Good Knife!” and “Although, it is not a K-Bar, it is a decent knife, and is worth every penny.

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This is one badass of a knife. Being a hybrid of two classic knifes, it has a handle of a M9 bayonet and the blade of a Marine Corp knife. Do not fear any man or criminal, with this knife in your hands. Bring on the Zombie Apocalypse!

Alicia Ackland

My name is Alicia Ackland and with over a decade of grinding experience working as a Professional Wilderness Survival Instructor, I believe I’ve come to know a thing or two about the primary tool of my trade – the knife. For the most part of my life, I’ve lived by my blades which is why I believe myself the right one to pen my insights about them and hopefully help some of you knife aficionados along the way.

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